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Civilian contractors injured while supporting our troops in U.S War Zones are being illegally denied artificial limbs and medical treatment and the DOL and DOJ refuse to stop this !!

Here are quotes from Pulitzer Prize winning ProPublica.org :
“Civilian workers who suffered devastating injuries while supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home to a grinding battle for basic medical care, artificial limbs, psychological counseling and other services.”
“The insurance companies responsible for their treatment under taxpayer-funded policies have routinely denied the most serious medical claims. Those insurers -- primarily American International Group (AIG) -- recorded hundreds of millions of dollars in profits on this business.”
“The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law. Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”
(end of quotes)
Urgent Note – There are five separate types of insurance where the Labor Department and DOJ are refusing to enforce the laws. The evidence is linked later !
Wheelchair and Bed Repossessed
Last Spring while I was having surgeries for deep tissue cancer I was contacted by Iraq War Zone Contractor Daniel Brink, who had his leg, fingers and toes blown off in a car bomb blast and many additional injuries. Daniel saw my evidence on the internet and asked me to help.
Here are Daniel’s exact quotes :
“The Sheriff repossessed my wheelchair because CNA Global Insurance stopped payment on the check that they issued to the suppliers and my life really started spiraling out of control”

"I am sleeping on the floor on a mattress in the living room with my Night care Assistant sitting on a chair next to my mattress. I have to use a bucket and a bottle to urinate in the evenings."

“My medication that I need because of PTSD and the severe pain I experience has not been paid for three months. My teeth are extensively damaged right down to the nerves due to grinding caused by the severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I am suffering from."

(end of quotes)

Daniel told me his bed was also repossessed.

Here are some more quotes about CNA’s treatment of civilian contractors in war zones written by ProPublica :

“CNA withheld portions of the investigators' findings when it submitted the claims to the Labor Department, court records show.”
“CNA’s failure to pay out benefits underscores the continuing problems with the Defense Base Act, essentially the workers compensation system for overseas federal contractors.”

Exhibit A proves CNA also endangers injured workers in America !! CNA cancelled payment to an injured worker in America who “herniated three cervical discs” and wrote “My intestines don’t function.”
AIG Reckless Endangerment
Exhibit B has a picture of a fake DOL criminal investigator ID badge that was used by an AIG investigator in Tasmania.  The AIG investigator endangered the lives of a disabled War Zone Contractor Marc Munro and his family !! The DOL and DOJ have done nothing about the endangerment even though it happened over two years ago !!
Exhibit C shows how AIG cancelled payment to a contractor who shattered his hip and went through years of surgeries and rehabilitation !!
Urgent Note -

In 2011 Contractor deaths exceeded Military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan !! If we support our troops we must support the contractors who provide many services to our troops !!
ProPublica wrote :
“The civilian contractors have played an indispensable role in the two conflicts, delivering fuel to frontline troops, guarding U.S. diplomats and translating for soldiers during dangerous raids.”
Court Orders Also Defied !!
I have injured workers in America and injured contractors who supported our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who can prove insurance companies are violating Court orders to provide medical benefits !!

Under the current laws there are no penalties if the insurance companies refuse to pay medical benefits !! If the patient dies or struggles for years to get medical treatment and prosthetic limbs there is no penalty if the insurance company destroys their lives. That should be changed immediately !!!!

I first learned about the injured civilian contractors when I was contacted by the administrators of the blog seen below. They had seen evidence I posted on Obama’s official website called “Seat at the Table”.

My postings were in the top ten percent of the votes people cast in support of having evidence presented to Obama !! I never heard one word from the Obama administration!!

The blog administrators have much more evidence to provide when a Congressional investigation or Grand Jury investigation begins.

Many of these cases are placed under gag order when they are settled but this evidence is available for criminal investigations !!

Here is the blog address for injured civilian contractors :

They provided the following quote from the DOL that proves they know claims delays cause stress to claimants !!

Department of Labor Chief of Policy Miranda Chiu and Loyola Law School wrote this in a brochure :

Delayed claim decisions add to the stress and anxiety of the claimants

The stress is life threatening when they completely ignore your claim while you have no money for medical, and food and housing and beg them for help !!

There is extensive medical evidence that excess stress had devastating affects physically.

Google has 17,300,000 search results and here is a brief quote from Womans Day :

Researchers at Ohio State University have found that stress can accelerate the progression of malignant melanoma, a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer. According to TheMedGuru.com, researchers discovered that the stress hormone norepinephrine produces enzymes that stimulate blood vessels to grow in melanoma tumors, speeding up the progression and spread of the tumors.

Obama's DOL and DOJ Ignore Their Sworn Duty to Protect Patients in Five Types of Insurance including injured civilian contractors.
Later please view :

Obama received at least $61,887 from CNA :
President Obama received at least $119,670 from AIG as seen at:
American Generals parent company named American International spent approximately $79 million lobbying in ten years as seen at :
(I’m certain someone with campaign finance skills can find many more contributions and millions paid for lobbying)

Exhibit A

CNA is also destroying injured workers in America as evidenced by the following story from WFAA- TV !!
“An on-the-job car wreck in 1992 totaled the livelihood and mobility of a man who depends on the companionship of his two parrots and daily doses of morphine and other medications to survive.”
“I herniated three cervical discs; I have nerve damage in C4 through C7,” Dana Sallee said “I have nerve damage in the lumbar disc that has caused me to lose internal functioning. My intestines don’t function.”
“For eleven years, the injuries were covered by his insurance carrier, CNA. But one year ago, he received a rude holiday greeting.”
“The insurance companies had doctors write peer reviews claiming I had no injuries,” he said.
“According to the doctor’s review, Sallee “did not sustain any apparent damage or harm … as a result of the injury.”
“The doctor added that Sallee’s “medical care is not medically necessary,” and that “there are no clear indications for continued medical care.” The report concluded that “the claimant is able to work in a sedentary work capacity.”
“It’s more than ridiculous … it’s hopeless,” Sallee said. “It’s depressing and hopeless. I can’t get any help from TWCC (Texas Worker’s Compensation Commission) … they’ve run me in circles for a year.”
“After Sallee appealed, the Worker’s Compensation Commission appointed a doctor to perform an exam and to review Sallee’s case. The result? That doctor ruled in his favor, saying, “the patient’s prescriptions are reasonable and necessary.”
“Still, the insurance carrier continues to deny his medical care. CNA officials said they can not comment specifically about Sallee’s case, and said they are acting in accordance with state law.”
“However, Dr. Ron Washington said he’s seen a disturbing trend in which insurance carriers may in fact not be complying with state labor laws.”
“The peer reviewer, in my opinion, abuses his authority because he cuts off treatment,” Washington said. “They provide a statement to the carrier that future treatment is no longer reasonable.”
(ends of quotes from WFAA story)

Exhibit B

An AIG investigator used a fake DOL investigator badge in Tasmania and endangered the lives of a disabled civilian contractor in U.S. war zones and his family !!
The contractor Marc Munro contacted me after I saw his video posted on the following injured war zone contractors website at :

I sent Marc a friend request and helped him decide to contact ProPublica with his story. We talked several times and he told me the A.I.G. investigator called him at 5 a.m. and asked him to confirm his name.

The investigator hung up the phone without identifying himself, and this was very disturbing to Marc !!!

Later that day the investigator openly followed Marc and almost caused a wreck by driving on the wrong side of the road.

The A.I.G. investigator did this while knowing that Marc has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being in a car bomb blast in Iraq that killed 18. Marc’s ear drums burst but he still pulled someone from the flaming wreckage, but this is how A.I.G. treats war heros !!

The DOL and AIG are very aware that PTSD patients have a greatly increased suicide risk of exploding when great pressure is applied !!

The DOL and DOJ have done nothing about AIG’s reckless endangerment of Marc and his family even though it happened over two years ago !!

This is very disturbing because the DOL is also ignoring the crimes against injured workers, health care and extended care claimants and severely disabled Americans.

Here’s a link to the picture of the fake DOL ID that is used by the AIG investigator from Malta named Cabot Goslin !!

Exhibit C
AIG also endangers more contractors in U.S. war zones !!
Here are quotes from a ProPublica article :
“Terry Marshall suffered back and hip injuries in May 2005 when he fell from the top of his truck while working for defense contractor KBR at a U.S. base in Iraq.
His hip shattered, he went through years of surgeries and rehabilitation. KBR’s workers compensation carrier, American International Group, faithfully paid Marshall’s medical bills and disability payments.
Then, this March, Marshall was surprised when AIG cut off his disability payments without warning. AIG told the Labor Dept. that Marshall had failed to attend a doctor’s appointment arranged by the firm
The problem? AIG itself had cancelled the appointment”
(end of proPublica quotes)
The evidence you’ve just seen is part of many more patterns of life threatening crimes that are posted at :
Barry Schmittou